by Mary Isis

Ilumina 05:22
O grandioso sol, sol central (2x) Ilumina, ilumina (2x) O grandiosa lua no céu (2x) Ilumina, ilumina (2x) O grandiosa estrela no céu (2x) Ilumina, ilumina (2x) O grandiosa rainha da floresta (2x) Ilumina, ilumina (2x)
Breathe with Me Come a little more closer and Be with me This is a moment out of time to look each other in the eyes, and know that everything is gonna be alright. (repeat) Why do I let my thoughts run wild like a child, it makes me cry I wanna be here now, just wanna let it be, life's slipping by so fast baby can't you see how much this moment it means to me Watching the worlds colliding, feeling all this pain inside sometimes I don't know what to do Hearing this voice inside me singing there's always love to guide me, and see me through... Courageous soul let your story unfold, release your fears of the unknown and find your own way home. Believe it True , there's a treasure in you, when you dig down deep beneath the Blue, more precious than gold....
Sou Cantador Minha Vida é Cantar. Vamos meus irmãos. Vamos Cantar. Sou Beija-flor Minha Vida é Voar. E beijar as flores. E Voar. Sou Rezador. Minha Vida é Rezar. E pedir a Deus Para nos ajudar.
Whitsi Tani taiho (2x) Ya taiyo whinny (3x) Ya ta Ney ho Ya taiyo whinny (2x) Ho he yana hey nei yo wei
lyrics Om Mani Padme Hum All nature is a hum with the vibration of the One with the power of the moon and sun We rejoice in the Light, we journey through the darkest night. Breathing in Deep giving thanks for this Life. I surrender and Let Go. I cannot control this life and how it flows, I just nurture how it grows. I am witness to the miracle, awakened to the beautiful presence of the spiritual. Being rooted in the physical. Like a tree I stand and Breathe and my day will come to leave- This body, this form, this face that you see and as a star I will shine through time, to all that I meet, 'Til the day that I fade back into this cosmic sea. Forever, Forever, Forever, Forever The sound will carry one, the Sound of Creation. Forever, Forever, Forever, Forever We will shine with the light, All together, all together. credits
Flor das águas da onde vens, para onde vais Vou fazer minha limpeza No coração está meu Pai A morada do meu Pai É no coração do mundo Aonde existe todo amor E tem um segredo profundo Este segredo profundo Está em toda humanidade Se todos se conhecerem Aqui dentro da verdade
El alma que se abisma en las riveras infinitas de tu amor lleva tras de si los tesoros que posees. No soy un águila, soy un pajarillo de un ligero plumor que mira al tibio sol, su sol de amor. Derramaré una lluvia de rosas (x4) Para almas pequeñitas, nada de métodos muy muy complicados les dejo un caminito de confianza y amor. Atráeme Jesús para que no exista nadie más que vos te doy mi corazón, morir de amor. Derramaré una lluvia de rosas (x4) Quiero pasar mi cielo haciendo el bien sobre la tierra (x2) Ya todo se ha cumplido ya nada más he de desear de nada me arrepiento, me entregué al amor. Señor yo te conjuro a que llames a miles de almas pequeñitas a vivir de tu amor, a vivir de tu amor. Derramaré una lluvia de rosas (x4)
Iemanjá O 05:26
E Nije Yide Lodo Yemanja O Acota pe le de Ia Oro Mio
E aloha Kumukahi ea ea (Love to the One Source) E aloha Kumukahi e Kumukahi Kumukahi ea ea (The One Source indeed) Kumukahi Kumukahi e Ho’o (long) pono pono ea ea (Living in balance) Ho’o (long) pono pono e Ho’ona’au pono (long) ea ea (Trust) Ho’ona’au pono (long) e Ho’omana’o pono (long) ea ea (Will Power) Ho’omana’o pono (long) e Ho’o (long) maika’i ea ea (Gratitude) Ho’o (long) maika’i e No’o no’o pono (long) ea ea Positive (outcome) thinking No’o no’o pono (long) e Mahalo Kumukahi ea ea ( Thankful) Mahalo Kumukahi e


This is a compilation of songs is a tribute album to the healing medicine that this music has provided to me in my life. I sing in various languages with the knowing of the one language that unifies us all- LOVE.
<<Aloha Ke Akua.>>
Proceeds received for this compilation album will be donated to "GROW MEDICINE"- a project of the Indigenous Medicines Conservation Fund.
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Thank you.


released July 17, 2017

I give humble thanks to all the conscious co-creators of the songs which I share on this album which I am not the author of. Gratitude to all Healing Medicine Paths and traditions around the Earth, that keep us connected with Source, with our consciousness and with our Earth. Gratitude for our plant and animal allies, guides and totems. Gratitude for all the beings that have walked this earth as shining examples of Peace, Kindness and Compassion. Gratitude for all my friends and family that have offered me endless inspiration and support throughout my life.
All Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar, Charango, Bells, Shakers, Percussion, Crystal Bowl, Kalimba/Sansula, Piano, and other Synthesizer compositions by Mary Isis.
Recorded/Mixed/Produced by Mary Isis.
*Please see individual track credits for the source and authors of the songs.
Cover Art by Mary Isis with Photo of Mary by Robert Chapman, and last minute touch ups from Wahkeena Sitka (Mahalo!)

<< Nectarian Music, 2017 >>


all rights reserved



Mary Isis Hawaii

Mary Isis prayerfully transforms her visions and soul progressions into sacred melodic soul songs rich with personal and universal meaning, sourcing her creative inspiration from the wonders of Gaia, as well as her passion for promoting sustainability, mentoring young adults, and working with plant medicines. Founder of Nectarian Music, producer of sacred medicine music. Om ... more

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